Britain Do they have a backbone?

Friday, August 30, 2002 :::
Interesting how Great Britain has no backbone when it comes to the much needed government change in Iraq. I think Saddam has snubbed his nose at the world enough times for all of us to be called complete idiots for asking him once again for "permission" to let inspectors in. I seem to remember that the UN resolution called for unconditional observation using international inspectors after the Gulf War, which he did not abide by. Thanks to our former coward/rapist/liar in chief Mr. Bill Clinton and the rest of the socialist world that thinks we should all just get along, nothing has been done to force him to honor that agreement.

Here's an idiotic statement from the wimpy labour party from this page,,2-398853,00.html, "Most suggested that there should be no military action without a fresh UN resolution".

Oh yeah, like they always require a "fresh" resolution. As if the last one spoiled & smells bad now

::: posted by Peter Shinn at 3:03 AM


Do they have a backbone?

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